What is Podcast?

Everyone these days searches “What is a podcast” on the internet. Do you know about podcasting,  If the answer is no, keep reading this blog?

What is Podcast?

A podcast is simply an audio file that is hosted online, as I have stated numerous times in my writing. The podcast show is the end of radio in 2022 since all you need to listen to it is access to the internet. You have a variety of choices here to listen to what you truly want to listen to and have complete control over, so you’re not dependent on RJ.

You essentially came here to learn about podcasts, correct? Okay, so a podcast is an audio file that we host online (a podcast is similar to a radio show), and we used to listen to radio shows before. Since we now prefer listening to podcasts to radio, you could claim that podcasts have replaced radio as we know it.

Hello, I’m Ankit. I started my podcast in 2019, when there weren’t many other podcasters in India, but I was passionate about it, so I kept recording. Over time, people began to listen to my podcast, and now it has more than 149K listeners.

how to start a podcast

You could believe there isn’t a large enough audience in India to launch a podcast. If this question comes up, don’t worry; we’ll go into more detail.

Hello, I’m Ankit, and today I’ll be discussing podcasting, especially if you’re from India and want to try something new. I thought it could be interesting to share all of my knowledge and experience since I began producing podcasts in 2019. I hope that made it clearer for you how to start a podcast in India.

I started my podcasting career in 2019 because there weren’t many people in India doing it at the time. So learning how to create a podcast from scratch was difficult for me. I first learned about podcasting on my own by reading blog postings and making an effort to get some practical competence. My podcast show currently has over 148k listeners, and that number is increasing every day. Thank you. We’ll talk about the main subject right now.

So if you want to learn how to host podcasts, you’ve come to the perfect place. We’ll go into more detail here. the most effective way to start a successful podcast show.

You should adhere to a few rules before beginning your podcasting business. I must first share with you a critical fact about podcasting, though. Retention of viewers is being done there. It has a lot of importance. Since people won’t listen to your podcast if the audio content isn’t interesting enough, make sure it’s good. We believe that content is king, as you are well aware.

Youtube Tutorial – how to start a podcast?

how to start a podcast for beginners/what is podcast?

Podcast hosting

With so many alternatives, you can be unsure about which platform to choose for hosting. whether to pick a free or a paid platform. Here, I’ll provide you with two podcasting options that are both free and paid.

How to Begin a Podcast Without Money

in terms of creating a podcast channel. We frequently wonder whether there is a free way to begin podcasting. I mean, we type in the first query, “How to launch a podcast without money,” correct?

So let’s speak about how to start a podcast without investing any money. In essence, there are hosting services that offer free podcast hosting. There, you may register, begin recording, and get assistance with submitting your podcast to various directories. such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc. There are many free opportunities for you to start a free podcast in 2022, if you want more information about podcasts or digital marketing follow this article.

Start a podcast if you don’t want to put your face in front. The issue is how to launch a podcast like YouTube for free. You already know that there is no fee for uploading videos to YouTube.

If your question is, “Is there any platform that will let me upload audio files so that I can start a podcast without any money,” then my response is, “Yes, there are some podcast hosting platforms that can help you to start a podcast for free, and some of them are paid platforms who provide free hosting with the limited feature if you want to upgrade, you would be able to do that.”

Free hosting

Numerous hosting providers provide free hosting, and a few premium providers also provide free space that you might use in this instance. I hope you’ll find some of these useful. Some of them will be linked. What is Podcast asked many people?

Launch a Free Podcast Using Anchor. FM

As I promised, I would provide a free hosting service for podcasts, and as such, I would like to suggest Anchor.

If you’re new to podcasting and don’t know much about how to start one, this information might be useful for helping you understand how podcasts work and what you need to do in order to start one. I know this free service sounds low quality, but let me assure you that Anchor is a high-quality platform that is constantly improving and giving the best quality to people.

Actually, I’m referring to anchor. It is a free podcast hosting service that also offers monetization options, but it is not available in all countries, so you must determine whether it is functional there or not. Hopefully, this information will be useful.

what is podcast
what is podcast

Paid hosting

I’ve already said that paying for hosting is an option. The free platform is not necessarily inferior as a result, though. Along with other fantastic things, you would discover some extra advantages including more precise insight and 24-hour help. I’ll thus refer to a few paid hosting providers right here.

If you want to learn how to launch a podcast, I will cover everything in detail here. If we talk about my path, my podcast launched in 2019. I spent a lot of time studying how to podcast because, at the time, India lacked sufficient resources for guides like How to Start a Podcast.

But you don’t need to worry right now. I’ll talk about my experience acquiring 149K+ listeners for my podcast and the strategy you need to adopt to succeed.

Why Should You Start a Podcast?

As you are aware, everyone is talking about podcasts, but nobody is discussing the benefits of starting your own. and why not begin by producing video material if you want to make content? There may be many questions like this, therefore if you want to know the reason I would advise you to read this blog and get a sense of what might work for you. Starting an audio podcast has various advantages, some of which I’ll list below.

  • You only need a simple setup to start a podcast. To get a DSLR and other pricey equipment, you don’t need to have a large budget.
  • There are numerous free podcast hosting services you may use if you want to start podcasting.
  • If you are launching a solo podcast, it is simple to run and you don’t need a team to produce podcasts.
  • Since you don’t have to reveal your face when you start an audio podcast, it may be helpful for you if you are a shy person.

How to start a podcast for free in India

If you don’t have the cash to pay for the podcast hosting and you only want to test your ability to record a podcast, you might consider a free approach to launch a podcast in India. In order to be clear, I only want to say that “free” does not mean necessarily “bad.” So if you’re a newbie and have no idea how to create a podcast, it might be a wonderful alternative for you.

So let’s get started. Everything I needed to know about starting an Anchor podcast is already covered in this podcastgyaan blog post. If you’re interested in finding out more about starting a podcast using a paid hosting service, you can go here, but there are other possibilities. You can browse and choose a podcasting service based on your budget by simply typing “podcast hosting” into Google to bring up a list of available options.

How to Increase Podcast Listenership?

Promote your podcast to attract viewers

If you want to increase podcast listenership. It indicates that you want to establish your personal brand or expand your podcast in order to turn it into a successful business. In other words, you want to learn how to grow podcasts, don’t you?

in this blog article, I’ll explain how to increase podcast listenership. if you publish a podcast, don’t worry; I’ll give you some crucial advice on having to hear if you’re still not getting enough listeners.

Make a podcast about two different topics.

As you are aware, a single popular video can help you expand your YouTube account. Similar to this, if you can produce various podcasts on your skills, you will learn about the interests of your listeners and what they want to hear from you. In order to better understand many things, such as analytics as a group and interest, start recording instead of choosing your niche first.

Now that you have enough information, you can decide which project to launch and commit to for 90 days. If you don’t know how to record a podcast, though, you must first acquire that knowledge; I’m going to assume that you do.

Record a lot of podcast episodes.

The reality is that when you first start, your quality will be terrible, but it will get better over time. Therefore, don’t worry about it and instead focus on creating content. If you just start chasing perfection, you won’t be able to do it long-term and you will become frustrated and stop doing it.

As a result, if you keep posting, some of your podcasts might become popular. As a result, you should constantly expect the best because the quality will eventually get better.

Post a podcast to social media

If you have a podcast, now is the time to share it. You must do this by clicking the “Like” button on social media. I know everyone wants success too quickly, but you have to keep recording and keeping sharing, and don’t expect overnight success things will change you have to keep doing this is the mantra of my success. You can share it on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to get some listeners, and don’t stop doing this.

advantage of listening to podcasts

This is the question I hear most often in my Instagram and Facebook message boxes. What benefits do podcasting in India offer? Since there isn’t currently enough demand for podcasts, why should an Indian make one?

There is a potential that you will be a successful podcaster if you start using the technology right now. I’d also like to add that podcasting will be the next big thing in India, just like YouTube. People in our contemporary generation may listen to content while engaging in other activities because they identify radio with tales like Dadi Nani ki Khaniya that we used to hear as children. There are consequently many good reasons to start a podcast in India.

We used to listen to the radio, as I previously mentioned to you. In contrast to podcasts, which give you complete control and allow you to listen to anything you want, the radio had the drawback that you could only listen to the programs that were broadcast at the time. We may say that a podcast is similar to the radio but with a lot more control and features because you can listen to self-help, motivation, entertainment, and much more without having to rely on other people.

If you want to start a podcast. this blog might help you to understand how to start a podcast if you are a beginner as you know I started my podcast in 2019 and I have more than 141K Plus listens so here you will learn from someone who has experience with podcasting.

Now let’s talk about what you need to do if you want to start your podcast and want to build a successful brand. so there is two way of creating a podcast first one is free second is paid so first, you have to decide which one you would like to choose. but if you know my suggestion I would say start with free resources and learn some sort of skill. like how to record podcasts and what type of skill is required.

Here I am sharing a link to a free podcast hosting platform that lets you host your podcast free and try and understand how podcasts work. 

This blog should be enjoyable for you to read. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or find me on Facebook or Instagram. By the way, if you find anything helpful, please spread the word so that others can take advantage of it as well. what is podcast explained above very well?

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