Tourist Places Near Pune within 100km

Pune is Cultural capital of Maharashtra, it is not just city here you can find mesmerizing tourist destinations within a 100-kilometer radius. No matter wheather you nature lover or someone who want to explore history related things. these places contains something for everyone. So if you want to know Tourist Places Near Pune within 100km then this blog would be right choice, here I have covered all hidden gems which you can visit and have fun.

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This Place is situated at Sahyadri mountain range, Pune offers lot of nearby destinations where you can spend some quality time. these places can be great options for weekend.

Sinhagad Fort: Reliving History

Sinhagad fort situated at Bhuleshwar range, it is testimony of Maratha valor and courage. The Panoramic view of this surrounding is great you are going to love it. view from the top is breathtaking. in the monsoons this place look more beautiful when you see lush greenery.

Mulshi Dam: A Serene Escape

Hey if you are someone who loves peaceful places, then Mulshi Dam can be perfect Destination to explore. this place ceate serene ambiance. it is perfect place for picnics.

Lavasa: India’s Picturesque Hill City

Lavasa is a well planned hill city. this place have charming streets. This place gives European vibe. You can explore Lavasa and have some quality time.

Kamshet: Paraglider’s Paradise

Hey if you are someone who loves adventure, then Kamshet is places where you can experience paragliding. here you can see cear blue skies and gentle winds which can make your paragliding experiences great.

Pawna Lake: Camping Amidst Nature

It would be around 60km from Pune. This is perfect place to do camping, here you will find tranquil water of Pawna lake which make your experience awesome, you can do activities around the lake and crackling bonfires and have fun with your friends create memories that last a lifetime.

Rajmachi: Trekker’s Delight

You can start treking to Rajmachi and experience greeny forests, here you can even visit ancient forts. This Trek can reward you with lots of new visit and glimpse into the Region’s Historical significance.

Karla Caves: Rock-cut Wonders

These intricate rock-cut caves of Karla are narrating the story of Buddhist monks who searched solace here. Here you can see grand Chaitya hall and intricate sculptures.

Panshet Dam: Waterside Bliss

A haven for water sports enthusiasts, Panshet Dam offers an array of activities, from boating to jet skiing. The dam’s scenic surroundings make it a perfect spot for a day of fun.

Shaniwar Wada: Pune’s Glorious Past

Hey if you are history enthusiast, then Shaniwar Wada can be perfect place for you, here you can vist a magnificent fort that once was symbol of Maratha Culture. This fort is located at the heart of Pune. you can see architectural of the Fort. You can step back in time, and experience old time.

Jejuri: The Land of Vibrant Khandoba Temple

Jejuri is place which is famous for its Khandoba Temple, The temple complex is adorned with orange flags, here Devotees dressed in saffron, apart from this jejuri offers glimpse into local culture and traditions.

Khadakwasla Dam: Picnic and Views

Khadakwasla Dam is a famous spot for those who loves picnic and water sports. here azure waters against the backdrop of green hill create great view it can be perfect place for those who want to click nice picture and want to enjoy boat ride and other adventure activities.

Osho Ashram: A Spiritual Retreat

Hey if you are someone who love spirituality and want to find inner peace, then Osho International Meditation Resort can be perfect place to gain spiritual experience and space for meditation or self-discovery. this place is situated at Koregaon Park, Pune.

Bedse Caves: Unveiling Ancient Rock-Cut Architecture

Bedse Caves is situated 40 kilometers from Pune, These caves help you to understand ancient rock-cut architecture. These caves house intricate carvings and sculptures can give you understanding of history and artistry of the region.


Now in this article i have covered some of the Tourist Places Near Pune within 100km, which you might like to visit i have covered hidden gems from Sinhagad Fort to Bedse Caves, there are so many great things which you can experience and have fun, no matter wheater you are history buff or who loves adventure here you can find somethig for everyone.

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How far is Lavasa from Pune?

Lavasa is approximately 65 kilometers away from Pune.

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