Top 5 Podcasts for Learning English: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we will talk about the top 5 podcasts for learning English. These days people learn by listening to podcasts. There are many ways to learn English but the easiest way to learn English is by listening to podcasts because it helps us to catch the word when we listen to podcasts. We get to know about new words which exist in the world. learning English is very easy you just have to listen carefully. Don’t worry we will help you to learn English just read this article till the end you will get to know secrets and other things also which will help you to learn English.

Top 5 Podcasts for Learning English

Best 5 Podcasts for Learning English

The English We Speak

The English We Speak is a podcast, that focuses on phrases and expressions used in British English. they try to explain in a very easy way that will help you to learn new words daily and the way to make learn is also very entertaining that will never-ever bore you. they use very basic English you can surely follow this podcasts for learning English. They have short episodes so you can learn by giving them less time.

All Ears English

All Ears English is basically for the intermediate and advanced people they focus on making the English fluent and more confident in English. the host of this podcast is 2 American lecturers who try to teach in a very different and interesting way. the teaching method of these 2 teacher is good and they focus on fluency. they will give you practical and practices method on how to have good pronunciation & vocabulary.

6 Minute English

It’s a BBC Podcast, 6 Minute English has covered a variety of topics by making a short episode on English they have also many years of experience so you can learn from this podcast also they will help you to learn English both beginner and advanced or intermediate can follow this podcast. this is a good podcasts for Learning English, you will get to more, many words,s and with the right pronunciation, you can follow this.

Better at English

Better at English is a podcast where you can learn how to be fluent in English, which will help you to make your English more strong with time. they have a wide range of topics covered for you from where you can learn English. Each episode has been made with very soft and casual English so that beginners can also understand, you can surely follow this podcast if you want to be fluent in the beginning & learn English this can become the best choice for you.

Real English Conversations

Real English Conversations is a podcast where you will get to learn from 2 people. that can make you more valuable & when you listen from 2 people you will get to learn more because 2 people are teaching you & other than that you will get a variety of content on multiple topics. they cover grammar and vocabulary to make it easier to understand.

These were some podcasts for learning English that I have shared with you, other than these 5 Podcasts for Learning English there are many podcasts that you can follow we will try to share more in the next article till then you can read our other article on the podcast.

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