Top 5 Best podcast app

There are so many best podcast apps in the market but I will tell you about the best and most used podcast app in the market which everybody knows and on these podcast apps there is a big audience to listen to podcast shows. apps which I will tell you, you can download from the play store or from the app store if you are an iOS user. most of the podcast apps will be from both users for android and for iOS users also. podcasts are on trend nowadays everyone listens to podcasts every day to save time.


Top 5 podcast apps for Listeners

There are many applications available to listen to podcasts, but here I’m listing some of the best ones for listeners that make it feel easy to use, have a good user interface, and are simple to use.


Spotify is the best-known app for listening to music and podcasts, Spotify is very easy to use. Spotify does not host a podcast. people use Spotify because they get all in one place, you can also create playlists for music and for podcast episodes, and you can also watch podcasts with videos on Spotify, Spotify also gives you suggestions for songs and podcasts according to your choice.

Apple Podcasts

Apple podcasts are best for iPhone users it comes free with your iPhones, and you can also shift to other apple apps apple podcast gives you station features, you can add songs and podcasts to your morning station, and you can also access to subscription according to your content .you can also check review before you listen by. checking about the shows. Apple Podcast is also the best podcast app for iPhone users because they don’t need to install any other app for podcasts.

Google Podcast

Google podcast is best for android users because you can use voice commands with google assistance to play, pause, fast forward find new episodes. there are limited features in google podcast, google podcast is very simple to use, and you can also listen to top shows and new categories of podcasts. Google podcast is one of the best podcasting apps.

Pocket Cast

Podcast cast is best for playback features, it involves so many features, you can customize the podcast and can get high speed and slow the speed according to choice, you can also skip the introduction and straight forward and get the content directly the layout of the app is very clean and user friendly you can also add cover photo you can also filter the podcast and songs according to your choice again, you can also add the episode to your queue and there is one more feature to skip through chapters.


TuneIn is the best for variety here you will get all in one it includes live sports, music, world news, podcasts, AM/FM radio, etc. it involves 50 thousand episode stations. there is a car mode also in this app it involves so many things in this app. it is also very simple to use.

These are the best 5 podcast app that you can use to listen to podcasts and gain knowledge about your favorite topics. These best 5 podcasting apps will help you always. If you want to know more about what is a podcast and how to start a podcast and other things related to podcasts you can go to our article and gain knowledge about podcasting.

As you are aware, podcasting is a new concept. As a result, everyone is fascinated by it and wants to know how to start a podcast, how to choose a hosting service, and what kind of plan to use. I have provided answers to some of these questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your top favorite podcasts?

there are many podcasts that people frequently listen to, but that depends entirely on your tastes. Some people may enjoy one podcast while others may not, so it is interest-based, but there are still a select few that are well-liked.
. Start with This
. Black Girl Songbook
. Philosophy Bites
.Crime Show
.The Joe Rogan Experience

How much do podcasters earn?

Yes, podcasts can make a significant amount of money if they have a large audience through sponsorship and midroll advertisements, but I can’t give an exact figure because it depends on the type of topics you cover and the type of audience you attract.

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