5 Steps to Start Podcast for Free

Hello, my name is Ankit, and I have been producing podcasts since 2019. Over a three-year period, I made many mistakes, so I know exactly which path you should take if you want to start podcast for free. Although there are many podcast hosting options and free ways to launch a podcast, I’ll share some of the best ones with you in the hopes that they will also be helpful to you.

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As I mentioned above, when it comes to starting a podcast, we frequently consider podcast hosting because there are so many options on the market. Because of this confusion, we seek for the best free podcast hosting that is simple to use.

And that is the first thing we should be aware of before beginning a podcast because that is where we would upload our podcast and then be able to share it with the world via an RSS feed.

Start Podcast for Free – Five Steps plan

I mentioned earlier that I have some experience with podcasting and that I have been doing it for years. As a result of my experience, I can advise you to avoid starting a podcast if you don’t have a clear topic because, without a topic, you will quickly run out of content and your consistency will begin to suffer.

Therefore, before beginning a podcast, do some comprehensive and detailed research and make notes about the topics you can speak about most and whether or not there is an online audience for them. If there aren’t enough listeners for a given topic, it would be a waste of time for you to pursue it, so consider both your interests and what people are searching for, and start with those that have both.

Step 1: Plan your podcast

To succeed online, whether you want to launch a free podcast or a YouTube channel, you must first have a strong topic. If you don’t have a strong topic, you will run out of content quickly, so make sure that whatever topic you choose has enough content opportunities. For this reason, I would advise you to conduct keyword research to identify some good potential topics.

One more thing I’d like to mention is that when I first started using the internet, I had no idea about any of these things, even though there was a tonne of content related to kewword research. But I learned nothing, so I’m passing on my mistakes to you. Don’t start anything if you don’t have a clear idea; otherwise, you’ll soon run out of content. Instead, do some keyword research first, and then try.

Step 2: Setup Your Equipment

As far as our concern is to start podcast for free, it is time to talk about the major aspect of podcasting, such as how you cannot start podcast without equipment, therefore let me give you some ideas regarding free possibilities that you can use.

Simply, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment, you can begin by using a built-in microphone. These days, phone microphones are equally effective, so you could start there and then purchase an external one later. However, if your budget allows it, you can purchase a premium Podcast Mics (microphone) that has advanced features.

Step 3: Choose a Free Podcast Recording Software

In a previous post, I talked about some of the top free podcast recording softwares that you can use to record your podcasts and edit them so that they sound a little more professional and help your listeners have an optimistic audio experience. This is how you can increase the number of people who subscribe to your podcast show.

Step 4: Choose a Free Podcast Hosting

There are numerous hosting services I could discuss here, but I’d like to recommend one free one that I’ve been using and that you may as well. This service called anchor fm, and it’s free and offers unlimited bandwidth.

I’ve already talked about hosting, but here I’ll give you a brief overview in the hopes that it will be helpful. If you want to learn more about it in depth, however, please visit our post where I’ve listed some of the best free podcast hosting services that you can use for free and that also come with a few paid options depending on your needs.

Step 5: Publish your audio on Podcast hosting

Now that you have recorded it, know exactly how to edit it with the help of Audacity, and have given it a professional look. It’s time to publish your audio file to a podcast hosting service so that others may find out about your podcast broadcast

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