Places to visit in Thailand for Couples

Hi If you are someone who want to explore Thailand and Looking for a Guide, where you could get to know everything then this blog is for you. here we will cover some of the best places to visit in thailand for couples.

So If You are thinking going out for vacation with your love. Thailand is the Place. This place can give you magical land’s experience with their stunning view.

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Here you can explore thier amazing cities and beautiful beaches and you can do lots of fun activities with your partner. Now it is time to explore some of the best Travel destination spots in Thailand.

Which Place is Best for Couples in Thailand?

There are so many places which you can visit in Thailand. and each place has its own unique culture and history. but still you can put some place in priority. here I am listing all those places acording to their Priority. You can check theme below.

Bangkok: A City of Wonders

Bangkok is busy city, here you’ll find tall buildings, great lighting effect and many more amazing things to witness. but this city has something for everyone you can visit lots of cool places here. it can be magical kingdom for couples. Luxury is another thing which you can experience if you are doing international travel with your lover. Bangkok can be perfect place for honeymoon in Thailand.

Chiang Mai: Place for Nature lover

If you are Nature lover then this place can be in your itinerary. it is surrounded by nature’s beauty. You can feel that place vibe when you see that it is surrounded by forests and mountains. and there are lots of friendly elephants also. in short i can say that it is great destination to spend quality time with your soulmate.

Here you can visit tribal village, there are so many temples, you can visit them. Temperature of this place is cooler than other places in Thailand. you can even do here shopping of high-end fashionable clothes. there are many Buddhist temples, you can explore them with lovedones.

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Phuket: Paradise Island for Couples

If you want to see blue water and soft sandy beaches, Phuket can be your next place you can explore this place with your partner and do romantic acitvities around the beaches. It is island where Couples can do adventure relax at beache, play with water waves and build sandcastles. Couples can even go snorkeling to see colorful fish.

Phuket is amazing place for couples who want to explore watersports. here you can even try Thai cuisine and do shopping. There is a spot from there you can see all those threee beaches at the same time it is perfect place to take photos. Greenery also is another highlights of Phuket.

Similan Islands

Similan islands can be perfect place in Thailand for Couples. if you are someone who loves marine life. this place is group of eleven islands and each of them are spectacular. Couples can take diving experience. there are other things which you can explore like their lush green rainforests.

Krabi: Nature’s Playground

Krabi is another destination where you can explore amazing beaches and cliffs. here you can do outdoor activities like boat rides, explore caves, and you can even try to find hidden lagoons. it is just like treasure hunt in picturesque world.

Koh Samui: Sandy Beaches

Koh Samui is place where you can explore things around beach. whatever fun you want to do you can do by the beach, like you can swim, play with sand, you can eat yummy ice can think this place is like sunny party spot where everyone is invited.

This beache can be great place if you are visiting it with your partner, there are mountains rainforest you can explore them. Koh Samui can be great place for couples. You can do lots of romantic activities. It is sacred place also, here you can find Buddhist temples.

Ayutthaya: A Trip Back in Time

If you are someone who love to explore history then this is great place for you. here you will feel like you have gone into past with the help of time machine. here you can explore ancient temples and places which tells their story itself. you would kind of feel like history detective with your partner.

Pai: Exploring the Mountains

Pai is hidden gem in the mountains. You can explore here waterfalls, hot springs. here you can explore things just like explorer with your loved ones.

Now that we have covered Places to visit in Thailand for Couples and as i told you that you can explore each places. all these places have thier own unique culture and history. and when you travel with your partner it is very important to make sure that they are safe.

Pattaya City

If Couples love adventure and looking for such places where they can do activities like that then Pattaya City can be great places to explore. here Coupls are not going to get bored. Here they can explore beaches and many temples. there is a floating market you can visit it by riding boat. it can be unique shoping experience.


Now we have covered Places to visit in Thailand for Couples. and i have listed some of the best places which you can explore in Thailand. Couples can visit these places and explore them according to their interest. here we have covered from Bangkok City to Pattaya City many great places for couples. you can read all these places and decide which one is best fit for your Thailand Trip.

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