Top 4 Free Ways to start a podcast on Youtube

Would you like to learn how to start a podcast on YouTube? Do you have second thoughts about starting a podcast? Does video podcasting work well? If you have a query like this and would want a detailed answer, this post might be able to help.

Though podcasting is a new form of social media communication, you can start one on YouTube. As you can see, a large portion of podcast shows are offering their listeners more. Some people might want to start a podcast on YouTube since they just don’t want to depend on a single platform. A common question is “how to start podcast on youtube?” If you want more information, check this page.

let’s suppose you want to leverage all social media, regardless of whether I mention Facebook or YouTube. A video podcast can then be started in that scenario.

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4 Ways to Launch a Podcast on YouTube

So, in this post, I’ll outline 5 free ways for you to start a podcast. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as it will inspire me to create similar blog posts in the future.

Record the show with cameras

Using a camera to record a show is the best and first technique to create a podcast. and you may add it to anchor, buzzsprout, google podcast, apple podcast, Spotify, etc. by converting the same video file to the audio after uploading it to YouTube. It means that you only need to create a single podcast once for YouTube and then you can reuse it for other platforms.

Convert an audio file into a video

The second-best option includes converting an audio file into a video file, where you’d have to add animation, like a wave animation, or you could put an image in its place. then The video file can be uploaded to YouTube.

Whiteboard and cartoon animation videos can be used in place of animation waves if you don’t want to add animation videos.

Recording a podcast’s screen

There is yet another easy way to start a podcast on YouTube, and that is by screen capture. For example, if you are currently listening a podcast and want to upload the same audio file to YouTube, all you need to do is screen record the show while you listen it, and your show will be turned into a video file now you can upload it on YouTube.

Record podcast shows using Zoom

Zoom recording is method you can use. You can simply start with zoom if you don’t perform solo podcasting and don’t have expensive gear. Zoom has the option to record any meeting; simply put it in speaker view, press the record button, Zoom has a feature that when you speak, it automatically displays your video; when someone else speaks, their videos start playing as well. and when your show is ready, upload it on youtube.

Since YouTube only allows you to post video files, I have now shown how you can actually generate podcast videos for the site. The next step is to guide you.

how to start a podcast on youtube ?

This is a common topic, but starting a podcast on YouTube only requires a few basic steps if you want to become an expert in the field. For many individuals today, podcasting is a career because it has potential for growth in the future. If you’re not familiar with podcasts, check out our page on what is podcast, where we also cover issues like how to launch a podcast and how to generate money from podcast, among many other things.

Follow the suggestions above if you wish to grow quickly in podcasting. You can also develop your skills in this area if you begin gradually. Read this post again or try looking up a similar topic if you don’t comprehend it. If you do, you will only be able to follow the steps after that. To help you learn more effectively, we’ll keep writing articles on podcasts and a variety of other topics. I’m assuming you now know how to start a podcast on YouTube.

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