Where To Find The Best free podcasts music [2023]

When it comes to starting a podcast, we often think that if we have good music, it will be more appealing to the audience and they will enjoy our podcast show. This is why we needed good royalty free podcasts music to enhance your podcast show and give you a professional look.

Why is music required for my podcast?

When you use music in your podcast, your listeners will be able to identify your podcast across all platforms because a unique intro and outro of your podcast will create a solid brand value between listeners. and when you use music in a podcast show, it gives us a lot of flexibility, such as reducing noise by using background music.

Free podcasts music for Intro and Outro

As you may know, many podcasters use intro and outro on their podcasts, which is why I will tell you why you should use podcast music in your podcast on intro and outro. It is entirely up to you where you want to use it, as some podcasters only use music when their podcast is just starting and it allows listeners to identify which podcast they are listening to without even seeing it on screen, which means it is creating some sort of brand value.

What kind of podcast music can you use?

If you want to use podcast music in your podcast show, you must do so correctly. There are many songs that are protected by copyright law, and if you use them in the long run, you may violate copyright laws and have your podcast might get removed.

There are three types of podcast music that you should be familiar with before using them. I hope you enjoy this list.As I previously stated, when it comes to using free podcasts music, we frequently believe that we can use any music by simply giving the creator credit, but this is not the case. There are a few steps that you must take, and you must carefully understand these terms before using this type of music.

#1 Royalty free Music

As you know, when it comes to understanding terms like royalty free music or copyright free music, we often get confused, which is why I’d like to explain these things in a nutshell and hope this makes sense to you.

It completely depends on the situation, such as when you only need to buy a licence for specific music and then you are good to go, and you don’t have to worry about anything because wherever you purchased your music, they pay their creators and will take care of everything.

However, you must understand that roaylty free does not indicate that you do not have to pay, It’s the same as saying a tax-free product or a sugar-free biscuit; you still have to pay for it.

In short, if you purchase a subscription to any podcast music, you are granted to use it as long as your subscription is active.

#2 Creative Commons Music

In creative commons licences, you can use music of that creator who has shared it on creative commons category and you don’t have to pay any money, you just need to do one thing, give that specific creator a credit, but in some cases they don’t allow us to use it for commercial purposes, so make sure you read their terms and conditions before using their music.

#3 Public Domain Music

When specific songs and music lose their copyright licences, they become public domain music, which means they can be used for any purpose. in short we can say that the most common way for a work to enter the public domain is for its copyright term to expire.

3 Myths About Using Free Music in Podcast

#1 The 10 Second Rule

Many YouTubers and podcasters believe that using only 10 seconds of any music film or video is legal. There are no laws that apply. However, even if you use only 10 seconds of music, you are still breaking the law because when you use this type of music and videos, some people don’t notice it and don’t take action, but if they do, they have the right to do so, so you must ensure that if you use only 10 seconds of music, you obtain permission from the creator who owns the copyright to that music.

#2 Giving credit to the artist or copyright holder

I’ve heard many times that if you give credit to the artist or copyright holder, you won’t have to worry about anything, but you must also understand that while there are some songs where you can do this, it won’t work on all types of free podcast music, so you must read the terms and conditions before using that type of music.

#3 You can use music if you are not making money

This is also extremely popular. Some podcasters believe that if they are not making money from the music they use on their podcast, they don’t have to worry about anything. However, this is not true because if you are using them, it may not be noticed right now, but when you start getting femous, your old episodes may be noticed and cause you problems.

The top 5 podcast music resources

Whatever resources I list here are safe, but please read their terms and conditions, and please understand the difference between all musical terms such as royalty free music, copyright music, and so on.

So, finally, we have told you every possible way to find good free podcasts music. We hope this specific post will assist you in finding great free podcasts music for your podcast and achieving success on this podcasting journey.

Now that I’ve provided you with some sort of music library, you can use your favourite music according to your needs. As I previously stated, if you’re new to this blog, please check out this post to learn more about podcasting, how to start a podcast, how podcast hosting works, and where you can find free podcast hosting.

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