Digital Marketing as a Career in 2022

Digital marketing as a career is on the boom nowadays, if you want to learn digital marketing you can learn it for free from google and google will provide you a completion certificate or there are many other ways to learn digital marketing. Digital marketing as a career is a good option.

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 What is Digital Marketing?

In simple words, digital marketing means promoting any product online with the help of technology. In earlier times, advertising was done on radio newspaper tv but now everything is done online because 60% of the audience is on social media so that is why companies target the right audience.

Digital Marketing Types

 Digital Marketing Scope and Salary

Is it too late to start digital marketing as a career? No, you are not too late because it is the right time to start there is a lot of scope in digital marketing. There are many people who don’t know about digital marketing, you are the one who knows about digital marketing so grab this opportunity and make a career in this field. now we come on a salary of digital marketing the given below salaries are the average salary of digital marketing. digital marketing career salary depends on experience and skills, digital marketing career growth is rapid with time and this industry will be on boom forever.

Serviceavg. salary
Search Engine Optimization 3-4.5 LPA
Search Engine Marketing 3-4.5 LPA
Social Media Marketing 3-4.5 LPA
Content Marketing 4-5LPA
Graphic designing &Video Editing 4.5-5.5LPA
Internet Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Course Online

There are many online free Digital marketing courses from where you can learn digital marketing free and the sources are youtube, google, etc. There are many videos you can watch on youtube for free and learn about digital marketing youtube has wide content about digital marketing that you can consume as pills for growing your knowledge on daily basis. you have to be consistent in learning digital marketing. how to start a career in digital marketing with no experience I have explained it below very well read it.

Digital Marketing Google Certification

Google provides the best digital marketing course for free .it is an online certification course by google. after completing the course you will get the completion certificate from google that will raise its value in the market google is a brand name. if you want more content like this follow this article for more important knowledge.

Skills For Digital Marketing Fresher

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4 reasons to choose digital marketing

  • Large Audience – Nowadays all the people are on social media & there is a big opportunity for you to grow, social media has a large audience and digital marketing as a career in India is a great option to start your career with.
  • Audience Targeting – According to your product, you can select the gender, age, occupation, region, and category to promote the product or services.
  • Cost Effective- It is cost-effective also because earlier when we used to promote products on tv, Radio, and Newspaper and they used to charge very high bit in digital marketing you can start from a minimum amount.
  • Immediate feedback &Easy tracking – You get immediate feedback from the audience which helps to improve the content also it is very easy to track the growth.

Roadmap For Digital Marketing

  • Decide your niche – Your niche should be decided for digital marketing. If you are new in this field then you explore every simple service to know what works for you then you make can your career in that specific service.
  • Target client – If you have no experience then you should work for free first .when you have knowledge and experience in digital marketing then you charge for your service.
  • referrals- If your work is good then your client will share your work with friends and from there you will get more clients.
  • Be consistent -You have to be consistent because social media is a highly volatile platform you will see new ways of trends that you have to be consistent and the digital marketing career path is a process of these 4 points.

why you should choose digital marketing as a career?

digital marketing as a career is the right opportunity for you in today’s world because this career will grow with time, you have the advantage also because there are many people who don’t know what is digital marketing you can grab this opportunity in 2022. digital marketing is the future of the world. you can choose digital marketing as a career. Nowadays every single personality has an internet connection and they are wasting their time on scrolling reels, on youtube, on web series, movies and etc. you can use the same internet connection for learning skills, gaining knowledge, and creating personality. you can learn a lot from social media platforms.

Modules of digital marketing

Social media marketing –

Social media marketing means the marketing of any product and service with the help of social media Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, and Twitter are Social Media Platforms, And when you do marketing of product and service this is called social media marketing. Nowadays even big brands do social media marketing because social media has an audience.

Search engine optimization –

In simple words, SEO means optimizing your content so that it should come in search results For example, any of your google blogs and it is coming on the third or fourth page, if you optimize your keywords and content well, then slowly, slowly That blog will come on the 2nd page then it will come on the first page and if your content is good and people like your content then it may Start ranking on 4 or 5 number So the process of doing this ranking which is getting good is called Search engine optimization.

Email marketing –

email marketing is the marketing of any product and service with the help of email you have seen that you have amazon Lenskart, Flipkart, and many other brands that come with their new offers and some new deals so Whatever marketing is done through email, it is called email marketing.

Content Marketing-

Content marketing means that marketing is happening through your content, if it is happening through the website, then it will also be called content marketing. If you have made any post or infographic, then it is also a part of content marketing.

E-commerce Marketing-

marketing any of your products by Amazon, Myntra, and  Flipkart is called email marketing. listing of your product on e-commerce also includes SEO of your product we call it E-commerce search optimization.

Sales Funnel-

Sales funnel means you go through the whole funnel in which the need for the product is created and then awareness is spread about the product Then the product is interacted and then the product is sold, it is a complete funnel, it is called the sales funnel.

Search Engine Marketing-

You must have seen many times that many ads run on Google and if you type anything and search on Google, then you will see 2 -3 search results, in the beginning, written ads. That Simply means that Advertiser has Paid Google To Have That Particular Content Appear At The Top Of The Front Page this is called Search Engine Marketing.

Influencer Marketing

If you have a follower base or some audience then you can influence them  Many of you must have seen that when celebrities put their photos while using a product, that means they are promoting it indirectly this type of promotion is called Influencer Marketing.

Is digital marketing a good career in 2022

Yes, Absolutely digital marketing as a Career is on the boom nowadays, digital marketing is the future of India every single personality has a mobile phone and this world is also doing to be digital in a few years. Digital marketing as a career is the future of the world.

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