Can I Travel with a Copy of My Green Card

Hey if You have question like can i Travel with a copy of my green card ? then this blog post is for you here we will discuss about it in detail. and try to help you find your answer so that you can travel hassle-free.


It is very important to have proper documentation while you are travelling because it helps you to travel with ease. especially when you’re a green card holder. and it is crucial to carry your original green card, but if you face circumstances where you need to rely on a copy. that is why In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore whether you can travel with a copy of your green card.

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Can I Travel with a Copy of My Green Card?

As a Green Card holder, you can travel with a copy of your Green Card. but there is certain conditions which you have to meet and you have to read the rules and requirements to ensure a smooth travel experience.

What if I forgot my green card while traveling?

If You forgot your green card while traveling you can visit nearest embassy and from there you can apply for “transportation boarding foil”. These type of Travel documents can help to transport you to the U.S. and here you don’t have to pay any fees.

Can I enter the US without my green card?

Yes You can enter to the US without your green card but it is only possible. if you are permanent resident according to Law. You can even travel outside of US without green card. if you have solid reason like you lost your green card or something, in that case you just have to obtain temporary travel documents like I- 131.

How do I get a temporary green card stamp?

If stuck such kind of situation where you need a temporary green card. you can visit or take appointment at USCIS Office, here you have to submit your I -90 receipt and proof of residence.

Understanding the Legality: Traveling with a Copy of Your Green Card

You can carry copy of your Green Card, it is acceptable by the U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) but here i’m listing down some important Criteria which you have to Fulfill.

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  • The copy must be an accurate and unaltered photocopy of both sides of your original green card.
  • The copy must be legible, clear, and not expired.
  • You should have your original green card available in the United States, and the copy should be used only for travel purposes.

It’s crucial to note that while a copy is permissible for travel, having the original green card is always recommended, as it serves as the most valid form of identification.

Benefits of Carrying a Copy of Your Green Card

You know when you travel with copy of your green Card there is some Benefits which i have mentioned below.

Security: When you keep your Original Green Card Safe at Home, you are free from risk of loss or theft while you are travelling.

Convenience: A copy is easier to replace if misplaced, compared to the original green card, which involves a lengthy and complex process.

Avoiding Delays: In case of loss or damage to your original green card, having a copy on hand can prevent delays in re-entry to the United States.

Ensuring a Smooth Travel Experience

There is Certain Precautions which you should follow while travelling with a copy of your green card it would help you to ensure a seamless journey.

Check Destination Country Rules: Whenever You are going to travel internationally make sure the Rules of your Destination Country, becasue There should be no issues when you arrived. so read country’s requirements regarding green card copies

Keep the Copy Secure: Store the photocopy of your green card separately from other travel documents, and consider using a travel document organizer for added protection.

Travel with Other Valid IDs: As You know copy of green card is acceptable, it’s good idea to carry additional identification, like Passport so that you don’t face any issue during your trip.

Notify Airlines and Authorities: When you travel make sure you are informing the ariline or cruise authorities in advance about carrying copy of green card, it can help you to ensure a smooth check-in Process.

Verify Reentry Requirements: If you’re planning to return to the United States, check the CBP website or contact their helpline to verify any changes in travel regulations for green card holders.


What if I lost my green card in India?

In that case you can contact to the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi or any U.S. Consulate in India they may be help you and  issue you a Boarding Foil, with the help of that you will get permit  to return to the United States.

How long does it take to get a green card?

It takes time to get a green card and It Depends on various factors like which category of immigration you fall under. so if you are planning to get one find those factors first.

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