Podcast ideas: 5 Best topics for a podcast to Start in 2023

If you want to know some of the best topics for a podcast, it means you are very interested in learning about podcasting. Let me tell you that starting a podcast is simple if you have a simple microphone and computer or a phone. However, most of the time we get stuck not because we don’t have the equipment to start a podcast, but because we don’t know what topic to choose, whether to start a solo podcast or an interview and what type of content to create.

So don’t worry, that’s why I’m here, and I’ll go through it in more detail so you can decide which topic to start a podcast with.

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How do I choose good topics for a podcast?

As you know, you can’t start a podcast without a topic, so if you don’t have interest in something, don’t go with it because you’ll end up quitting it anyway, so try it as simple as you can and don’t stress yourself out thinking all day that this is what I’d do this topic would like everyone and this isn’t because you don’t know what your listeners’ interests are.

so what you can do just record podcast on topic which you like and people also searching for it and keep doing some sort of experiment in intial days to understand whay people realy listeing then you can keep doing that type of podcast topics.

So what you can do is record a podcast on a topic that you like and that people are searching for, and then do some sort of experiment in the beginning to understand what people are really looking for, and then keep doing that type of podcast topics.

Top 5 Topic ideas for podcast

Before you choose a topic, you must first decide what type of podcast you want to create, as there are many different types of podcasts that people usually do, such as solo podcasts, interview podcasts, and group podcasts.

As you may know, you can start a podcast on a variety of topics these days, but I’d like to share with you some of the best podcast topic ideas that you can use because they are simple and easy to implement.

1. Book Recommendations

You can imagine that these days everyone wants to read books but doesn’t know what kind of books to read. Sometimes we get confused with a lot of books and end up reading some sort of boring book that doesn’t hold our interest for a long time and we stop reading books.

In this case, you can assist them in deciding which books they should choose to read so that they feel connected and get something out of it, and you can develope their interest in books so that they become good readers and achieve success in life, and they will feel grateful, and it will motivate you to continue doing such content.

2. Top 10 lists

As you know it is very difficult to understand everything in this fast paced world we don’t have time to explore everything and get what we should take from world this is also some sort of problem you can solve by your podcasting I mean you can start a podcast where you can talk about top 10 lists like it can be top best podcast hosting, top 10 best movies, top 10 podcast, top 10 books etc. list goes on and on this is also a great way to start your podcat journey.

3. Technology

Technology fascinates us more and more, and there are many people who want to know what is going on in the technology world, such as what Elon Musk is doing with his Neuralink, and so on. There are many technological evolutions going on, and you can cover them by simply explaining these difficult topics in simple words so that nontech people can easily understand what is going on in the tech industry.

4 . Inspirational podcast

If you are unable to come up with topics for a podcast, there is another way to do it: do an inspirational podcast. These days, everyone faces some sort of issue in their life, so they need some sort of inspiration when they feel down. You can become a panacea for them by simply providing some inspirational thoughts and telling them what they can do to recharge their energy, or you can talk about how you improved your mindset and overcame these situations.

5. History

Now these days this topic for a podcast also people following you can start a podcast where you can ask people about their interest in history and you can talk about history topics and tell them about ancient artifacts how people lived in that time in history what hepped why this world war happened topic like that if I talk about the history there are many topics for a podcast I am sure you won’t feel out of content because in history there is so much to explore and talk about.


Finally, we have reached the end of Best topics for a podcast. If you have any questions about podcasting or want to learn more about podcast topic ideas, please Contact us. If you have questions about how to start podcast, please check out our blogs.


What are some good podcast topics?

As you know, there are many topics for a podcast, but I would recommend starting with something about which you are knowledgeable and which people are searching for, as this would be a good podcast topic for you.

What are the most popular podcast topics?

Nowadays, you can find many popular topics such as interview podcasts, solo motivational podcasts, news podcasts also most popular podcasts, and tech podcasts.

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