Top 5 best podcasts on Spotify

Podcasts have grown in popularity over the past few years among all age groups. One of the most widely used music streaming services, Spotify, has developed into a hub for podcasts. Finding a place to begin might be difficult with so many options available. In this article, we’ll highlight the top 5 best podcasts on Spotify that you don’t want to miss out on.

We frequently struggle to decide which podcasts to listen to in order to learn something productive. If you want to know some of the best podcasts on Spotify to listen to, you can get idea from here.

You may already be aware of a number of platforms, such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. however, we quite often noticed , the reason the majority of users prefer Spotify for listening to podcast, may be that is available only on spotify or because of user-friendly. that is why i will tell you some of the best podcasts which you can listen to on Spotify.



Over the past few years, podcasts have become increasingly popular. It’s a great way to keep informed, pick up new skills, and keep yourself busy while travelling. Podcast fans may now easily find new podcasts to enjoy and listen to their old favourites on Spotify. 

How to Find Good Podcasts on Spotify?

Finding good podcasts on Spotify can be difficult due to its extensive catalogue. With Spotify, there are a number of ways to find new podcasts. The “Podcasts” section of the app, where you can discover featured podcasts, top charts, and popular categories, is one way to do this. Another option to uncover podcasts related to your interests is to conduct a search for particular subjects or key phrases. Last but not least, you might look into podcast suggestions made by friends or online communities.

listen to best podcasts on Spotify

To increase your knowledge, you can listen to a variety of free podcasts, but before doing any searching, I suggest that you first decide what kind of podcast you like to listen to. I like to listen to science fiction, motivational, and book summary podcasts. Choose the type of podcast you want to listen to in the same way. You should check out the following list of the top Spotify podcasts.

best new podcasts 2022

There are many podcast shows that you can listen to to increase your knowledge. For example, if you want to listen to a self-help podcast, you could find one. Likewise, if you want to listen to a business podcast, you could find that one also.

To put it simply, there are podcasts available today on just about any subject you can imagine. So let’s get started by discussing the types of podcast shows that I will be sharing with you. so if you are seeking to know best podcast on Spotify this listing might help you.

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

the joe rogan experience podcast image
The Joe Rogan Experience

Image: Spotify

There is a well-known show that comedian Joe Rogan hosts. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. I don’t want to take up your time by discussing it. but I can still claim that this is a interview show that offers a variety of perspectives. Listen to The Joe Rogan Experience

2. Stuff You Should Know

Stuff you should know Spotify podcast
Stuff You Should Know

Image: Spotify

This podcast is for you if you’re seeking for a knowledgeable podcast, where you can always learn something new because They frequently discuss topics that may fascinate you. so if you are eager to educate yourself with fresh information. then this podcast might help you. 

Category: Educational

3. The Right Time with Bomani Jones

The Right Time with Bomani Jones Podcast image
The Right Time

Image: Spotify

Nowadays, whether I talk about football, cricket, or other sports, everyone enjoys them. Many individuals will talk about how the team performed. Many people enjoy reading the narration of these sports stories. For this reason, I’ve ranked this podcast show first on my list. Bomani Jones writes extensively on sports. Few journalists cover topics in this manner.

4. The Daily

The Daily Podcast Logo image
The Daily

Image: Spotify

The Daily, hosted by Michael Barbaro, this show discuss current events in the nation. Basically, if you want to hear the most recent breaking news. You might find it beneficial to listen to this podcast channel in the morning.

5. Start with This

start with this podcast image
Start with This

Image: Spotify

If you’re creative and want to learn something new, then you’ll want a place where you can obtain the information on what you should do and what you can avoid. By this I mean that in order to learn, you’ll get some assignments and a fresh outlook to consider. The brilliant show Welcome to Night Vale is produced by Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink.


I know that you might be thinking that there are many more podcast that you can list down here and at least you should mention them here.

The list goes on and on here, but whatever I recommend is based on what people like to listen to on Spotify, which is why I am saying that this list is all about the best podcasts on Spotify. There are other platforms from which you can find other podcasts on top list, and this list also changes from time to time. 

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“It’s your duty to be resourceful enough if you don’t have resources,”

Tony Robbins

What is Spotify’s most streamed podcast?

There are a lot of podcasts that people enjoy listening to, so I’ve listed a few of the most popular ones here if you’re curious.
1. The Joe Rogan Experience
2. WTF with Marc Maron Podcast
3. The Daily
4. Call Her Daddy
5. Office Ladies

Who has the best podcast on Spotify?

It varies; there are many interesting podcasts to choose from, but The Joe Rogan Experience remained the top podcast in 2022.

Are all of these podcasts free to listen to on Spotify?

Indeed, Spotify offers free access to all of the podcasts mentioned in this post.

Can I create my own podcast on Spotify?

Yes You can create your own podcast and upload it to Spotify. A microphone and recording software are all you need.

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