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When it comes to getting podcasts at no cost. Numerous platforms are available, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. The majority of users, however, choose Spotify for listening to podcasts because it is convenient and user-friendly, therefore that is why I will focus on Spotify podcasts in this article.

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You can listen to many free podcasts to expand your knowledge, but I advise you to first choose the kind of podcast you enjoy listening to before doing any searching. If I were to describe my understanding, I would say that I enjoy listening to science fiction, inspirational, and book summary podcasts.

Podcasts to Check Out in 2022

There are many podcast shows that you can listen to to increase your knowledge. For example, if you want to listen to a self-help podcast, you could find one. Likewise, if you want to listen to a business podcast, you could find one. To put it simply, there are podcasts available today on just about any subject you can imagine. So let’s get started by discussing the types of podcast shows that I will be sharing with you.

Joe Rogan The Joe Rogan Experience

There is a well-known programme that comedian Joe Rogan hosts. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. I don’t want to take up your time by discussing it. but I can still claim that this is a chat programme that offers a variety of perspectives. Listen

The Right Time (Sports Podcast Show)

Nowadays, whether I talk about football, cricket, or other sports, everyone enjoys them. Many individuals will talk about how the team performed. Many people enjoy reading the narration of these sports stories. For this reason, I’ve ranked this show first on my list. Bomani Jones writes extensively on sports. Few journalists cover topics in this manner. Listen

The Daily

The Daily, hosted by Michael Barbaro, is a programme discussing current events in the nation. Basically, if you want to hear the most recent breaking news. You might find it beneficial to listen to this podcast broadcast in the morning. Listen

Start with This

If you’re creative and want to learn something new, then you’ll want a place where you can obtain the information on what you should do and what you can avoid. By this I mean that in order to learn, you’ll get some assignments and a fresh outlook to consider. The brilliant programme Welcome to Night Vale is produced by Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink. Listen

The Ranveer Show (Indian Podcast Show)

Hello, my name is Ankit, and I’m from India. I only listen to a few podcast shows. But in this paragraph, I’ll mention a popular programme that I think you should watch. If you are Indian, you can easily relate to this. The Ranveer Show covers a wide range of subjects, including self-help, sports, business startups, and mental health. Listen

My Podcast show

In case you’re interested in listening, I also host a self-help podcast in Hindi. Listen

Therefore, if this type of show interests you, you may find it by checking my podcast, “podcastgyaan – new way of learning.” I really hope you enjoy it.

Actually, I’ve been hosting a podcast since 2019, but initially there weren’t enough listeners. These days, however, I receive more than 1,000 listens each week, so if you’re interested in learning how to launch your own podcast channel and grow it, this blog may be of use to you.

starting a podcast on Spotify

Everyone believes that if I start a podcast, it should be uploaded to Spotify India so that I can target Indian listeners who are eager podcast listeners if I am an Indian. However, most people don’t know how to begin uploading podcasts to Spotify India because there isn’t a specific way to do that, right?

For this reason, I’ve created this blog, in which I’ll explain how to create a podcast from scratch, not just for Spotify but also for other well-known podcast directories like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and a number of others.

To launch a podcast, use free hosting

Everyone wants to start a podcast, but if you’re from India, your first concern is whether there is a cost-free way to do so. Because we initially don’t want to spend money on it, we just want to try, and then we’ll decide whether to continue or not, okay, here I’ll tell you about a well-known free podcast hosting service that is supported by Spotify so you won’t have many difficulties getting started with Spotify and you’ll be able to share your podcast on other platforms like Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, and so on.

I’m going to talk about the free hosting service Anchor here. You may make an account here similar to Facebook, and when you click the “Plus Record” button, you can record podcasts.

Just like YouTube, you may now post or schedule your podcast. However, because this is your first time doing it, it will take 5 to 6 days to publish it on all popular platforms. However, you will be able to see it on a few directories like Spotify.

how to record podcast

Idea for Good Podcast Recording

To gain solid understanding about how to begin podcasting. You need to have some form of experience and understand a lot of tiny details, but you can’t acquire either without making an effort. So here is what I advise you to do if you are truly passionate about podcasting and want to produce an influential podcast show. You must follow the instructions I’m going to list here in the hopes that you will learn how to start a podcast and how to record it.

  • A good laptop or phone is required to record podcasts.
  • Good Mic Required to Begin Recording
  • To Edit Audio, You Need Good Software
  • The recording room must be quiet
  • Make sure there are no unwanted noises
  • Topic Must Be Valuable And Interesting

Software to Record Podcasts for Free

When It Comes to Record podcast. There are numerous podcast recording tools available, some of them are free while others are paid. Which means you have to pay them to use that software, but if you’re just starting out in the podcasting world, you might not want to spend a lot of money on it. In order to cheer your day, I am providing you with free software. There are numerous choices for audio recording and editing software; some of it is high-quality and free, so you may start your podcast without spending any money. Commonly used free options include Audacity and Garageband.

With the free opensource tools Audacity & Garageband, you may edit your podcasts by adding and removing audio files, removing background noise, and more. You can use a variety of the tools found here to make your podcasts more engaging for your audience.

Should We Purchase Software to Record Podcasts?

Actually, it’s entirely up to you what kind of recording software you want to use. If you have the money for it, some of the most well-liked options include Adobe Audition and Logic Pro. Yes, expensive software offers a lot of customization options and capabilities, but if you’re just starting out and want to learn how to record a podcast, it might be best to start with something free.

“It’s your duty to be resourceful enough if you don’t have resources,”

Tony Robbins

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