Top 6 Best Podcast Mics

In this article, I am going to cover all types of best podcast mics and at what stage you should use which type of mic I will tell you that also. There are many mics present in the market but you should choose the best mic for yourself

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here I will share some microphones for you, that you can choose and buy for yourself and I am also going to cover everything about recorders and very silly things that every beginner must know, also in very simple words I will explain and if you are not a beginner then also I hope that will help you to know something new in this article. podcast Mics have been categorized for both levels for the beginner as well as for the Expert.

Types of podcast Recorder /Microphones

Since there are so many different types of microphones on the market, it makes sense that sometimes we can get confused between them. In order for you to learn more about that, I’ve listed down a few of the categories here.

  • Wireless microphones
  • Condensor microphones
  • Dynamic microphones
  • Shotgun Microphones
  • Lavalier Microphones

Best Podcast Mics for beginner

Microphones under 1000rs for podcasting that you can use and record the best audio from it and make good podcast shows to earn money. because good microphones make your voice clear and good to hear, it also improves the audio quality. and Your audience will enjoy hearing you. and your podcasting career will be successful.

Boya M1 Mics

Boya M1 microphones come under 1000 rs and if there is an offer you can also get a great discount on these mics right now the price of this microphone is 797 rs on amazon, but I don’t know when you read this article price may be different but you will get this mic under 1000rs now let us talk about its specification and why you should buy this microphone? Is it is good podcast mic to buy or not?

The versatility and attractive price point give it an over other microphones. Boya m1 microphones connect with the camera as well as with the smartphone, the cable of this microphone is long and the audio quality of this mic is also very good at this price point. I am also using this microphone for a very long time for podcast recording and this mic is very good I will recommend this mic to beginners as well as to experts. Boya M1 is the best podcast Mics to buy this is worth it.

Maono recorder

(Maono AU400) -This Maono mic also comes under 500 rs and if there is an offer you can also get a great discount on this mic right now the price of this microphone is 449 rs on amazon but May be price change when you read this article, you will get this mic under 500 rs. let us talk about its specification and Why you should buy this Microphone? Is it good podcast mics to buy or not?

This microphone is also good to record your voice and the wire of this mic is not so long, this mic is also good at this price point you can directly record your voice with a camera the quality of this mic is good for beginners, and you can also record a podcast with this mic, I will recommend this mic to beginners only. this is okay as podcast mics to buy this is worth it.

Boya MM1 microphones

Boya MM1 microphones is a shotgun Microphones. this microphone is the best microphone for audio recording and gives the best voice audio under this price point this microphone comes under 1500 rs but if there is off on amazon then you can get it for 900 rs also it gets directly connected to the camera and also with the smartphones.

Boya mm1 is a great mic I am also using this mic for my youtube channel and for other audio recordings also this is my favorite mic and the quality of this mic is very good I will recommend this to beginners surely as well as to experts also. these were some podcast mics for you as a beginner.

these were some best podcast mics under 1000 that you can buy and you will surely be happy with these products if you want more information regarding podcasts you can comment to us and we will try to cover it, if you want more information like what is a podcast and the best podcast recording software, best podcast mics,etc.

Best Podcast Mics For Experts

If you are looking for the best podcast mics or mics for live streaming or for others that you can buy I will tell you the specifications and other things about the mics that you should know before buying the mic. there are many best mics in the market for podcasting or for other purposes. you can read their specification and choose according to your choice and budget. i will share the top 3 best podcast mics for Experts.

Samson Q9U

Samson Q9U directly gets connected to the camera. this microphone comes under 20,000 (20k). the sound quality of this mic is good the built quality is also good this mic is very versatile, in this mic it has multiple outputs. you can also connect this mic to your computer also as well as to the laptop as it has the capability of plugging a USBC. you can also use it as an XLR cable, so having that option at this price point is super great. another cool thing about this mic is the ability to kind of make tweaks to make your sound better. It enhances the sound quality. this was also the best podcast mic in this budget that I thought to mention it.

Deity VO-7U

This mic is the newest of the three mics that I m sharing and you can necessarily buy this mic for yourself. The deity comes under two different kits. the first kit that it comes with is your desktop kit. It’s gonna come with a very small tripod that allows you to put a mic on it then you can use it immediately which is the nice thing about this mic. this mic also come under 15000 (15k). the second kit that they offer is around 20.000(20K).

It comes with boom arms, you can clamp it on your desk, boom the mic into your shot, and then get going. so it’s also very cool that they sell this as ready-to-go. the sound quality of this mic is also good. this was also the best podcast mic in this budget that I feel to write on it. The built quality of this mic is also very good at this price point.

Shure MV7

Let’s talk about Shure MV7 This mic is the best-selling mic of the three mics but it is the most expensive mics out of these three mics. this is the best podcast mic as well as for other purposes also like youtube audio recording etc this is the most- selling mic also and it is the best mic for podcasting and is used by many people this is the favorite mic in the market the audio quality of this mics is superb and the built quality is also superb. you can definitely choose this mic if this mic comes under your budget. price of this mic is 25000. but if there is some deal you can get it for around 20000.

these were some podcast mics that I choose and according to me, these mics can make you smile when you use these mics you will be happy with this product. many podcast mics are also available but according to me, these are the best mic for you. i will finish it by saying, ” Make The World Listen your voice.”

What mics do most podcasters use?

There are various podcast microphones that podcasters generally use, however, if I would mention them in particular, I would name a few branded companies like Rode, Sure, Yeti, Boya, etc.

What is the best USB mic for podcasting?

Because there are many available microphones when it comes to the best podcast mics, you can still take into consideration models like the Blue Yeti, HyperX QuadCast, Samson G-Track Pro, etc.

What type of mic is best for podcasting?

It depends upon person to person and based on the sound quality that he /she is demanding for her/his video or for podcast recording.

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