5 Best Airlines to Travel to USA from India

Hey are you planning a trip to USA from india? then this blog post is for you, here i will talk about what should you consider when you travel from india to USA , it is very important to choose best airlines from india to USA.

There are many important factor which you should consider when you select the Airline. because it would enhance your overall Travel Experience. As you know that there are many Airlines you can choose according to your budget. here in this aricle i will cover everything. You just need to read this blog post.

As You know that when you start long journey like from India to USA, Airline is going to play major role on that, From the quality of service to the overall comfort, because this journey is not going to be easy. As I told You There are several factors which you need to consider. here i am going to mention some of them which might help you to find right Options.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Airlines

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Flight Routes

Here your first priority should be availability of direct flights from India to major cities in the USA. because if you travel USA with direct flight it would be more convenience for you. and You don’t have to spend lots of time sitting in the plane. and direct flight would give you option to manage things only one time.

In-Flight Comfort

Try to find those flights where you can have comfortable seating, ample legroom and adjustable headrests. There are Some airlines that even offer lie-flat seats in business and first-class cabins. because when you travel from india to usa, journey is going to be long so try to find comfortable seat so that you can sit for long hours.

Customer Service

This is also very important factor which you should consider, if flight have great customer service, it can make your journey more smoother and more pleasing. as you know Airlines with responsive customer support, friendly staff can make your travel experience to a positive travel experience.

As you know that having good customer support help you, enjoy your journey because whatever you want you can get it easly. You should consider while choosing best airlines from india to usa. best customer service give you best flight experience.

Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance is the another factor which you should consider. Every Airline have their own policy. So check baggage allowance and choose accordingly. You can even check what is the additional fees if you exceed the limits. so that you don’t face any problem at the Airport.

When You travel from india to usa it is very important that you read rule and regulation of that perticullar Airline. so that you can easly manage to carry your Stuff.

Entertainment Options

During long flights, it is very important to have entertainment options so that you can easly pass the time. Airlines with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and Games can keep you entertained throughout your journey.

When it comest to find best airlines from india to usa. it is very important to have enough entertainment options because from india to usa journey is going to be long so if you have entertainment options during flights. you are not going to get bored.

Onboard Amenities

Modern Airlines offer lots of amenities, you can use them like WiFi, Chaging Ports, Comfortable blankets etc. these amenities can enhance your travelling. when you travel on best airlines you can find all sort of amenities. so i would say that these things you can get bydefault just focus on geting best airlines from india to usa.

Best Airlines to Travel to USA from India


Emirates airline is famous for its luxurious services and extensive route network. here you can find comfortable seating, entertainment options, and cabin crew. it is popular choice for those who travel from india to USA.

Air India

As India’s flag carrier, From many Indian cities, this Airline offers direct flight to major destinations in the USA. It provides a blend of Indian hospitality and modern facilities.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is flag carrier of Qatar, it also offers great service with modern amenities. this airline provides many options to various cities in the USA.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines know for its service and comfortable seating, Singapore Airlines offers a convenient option for travelers flying to the USA.

United Airlines

United Airlines offers great network of flights where you can find options from india to USA, they offer cabin calsses, you can experience unique travel experience overhere.

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Tips for a Comfortable Journey

When You travel from india to USA. it is going to be long hour journey, that is why you need to follow these tips for comfortable journey.

  • Dress comfortably in loose-fitting clothing.
  • You should drink water to Stay hydrated.
  • Bring entertainment or work materials to stay Busy.
  • You can even try watching movies during your flight.
  • You can bring books, read them while travelling.

When you travel with airlines from india to usa, it is crucial to know what is the medical issue which you might face prepare everthing accordingly.


Now I have Covered some important points which you should consider, if you are planning to travel from india to USA. There are many things like Baggage Allowance, Customer Service and Entertainment Options which you should consider. You can even read their policy so that you can get clear idea about those things.


Which airline is best to fly to USA from India?

AirIndia can be right choice when it comes to travel from india to usa, there are few others like Emirates, Qatar Airways etc.

Which is best airlines to fly to USA?

There are few best Airlines which you can consider
United Airlines
Delta Air Lines
JetBlue Airways
Alaska Airlines

Which month is cheapest to fly to USA?

February can be cheapest month to fly usa from india, july to september would be high Season.

Does Air India go to USA?

Yes AirIndia has their service in United State, you can find 5 places where you will see Air india service in usa.

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