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Hello, my name is Ankit, and I’m a passionate podcaster (148K+ listeners). My show, a Hindi podcast on self-improvement, journey, and creating a great brand via story and authenticity, aims to help people make a positive influence in their life.

We produce podcasts. We started the “Podcastgyaan-A New Way of Learning” podcast in an effort to accomplish something inspiring. Hope you like it. Continue reading if you’re a new visitor and are unfamiliar with podcasting. Some ideas will come to you.

What is Podcast?

A podcast is a group of audio files that are made available online for downloading or listening. The term “podcast episode” refers to each unique audio recording. The person or people that host a podcast typically take the lead in a conversation, tell a story, or provide news. “Podcasters,” those who produce podcasts, are referred to as such. When you don’t want to reveal your face, a podcast is an excellent place to demonstrate your communication skills.

With podcasting, you can develop your abilities if you wish to do something similar. Your communication abilities can be enhanced, and you can acquire public speaking techniques, among other things.