Top 10 Best Places to Live in Idaho

In this article i will talk about some of the best places to live in Idaho so if you are someone who is planning to live in idaho then you are at the right blog post over here i will discuss more about those places and i would explain everthing from scratch so that you can get good idea which places are best to live.


Idaho is a hidden treasure In Pacific Northwest region of the United States. You can find here lots of things like stunning landscapes, outdoor recreational opportunities, and friendly communities, you are going to enjoy all of them. Idaho offers good quality life style. that is why people love to live in idaho.


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Best Places to Live in Idaho

As i told you that Idaho has something for everyone like You can easly find Places where you will see diverse lifestyle from urban centers to charming small towns. Here are some of the best places to live in Idaho:

1. Boise

Boise is the capital and largest city of Idaho. If you are outdoor enthusiasts then this city has something for you like you can explore its extensive trail system. this city has a thriving arts and culture scene, good school, and booming economy.

2. Coeur d’Alene

Coeur d’Alene Located in northern Idaho, It is famous for it’s scenic lake and natural beauty. You can do lots of activities over here like boating, hiking and skiing.

3. Sun Valley

Hey if you are outdoor enthusiasts then this place is for you. because this place offers ski slopes and luxurious mountain retreat. this place has breathtaking landscapes which will make you feel top of the world. in short we can say that this resort town has high standard of living.

4. Idaho Falls

It is Situated along the Snake River, Idaho Falls is city where you can live if you don’t have lot of money because city has strong economy and a low cost of living. this city offers lots of options for entertainment like fishing, hiking, and water sports. and this city has tradition to hosts various cultural events.

5. Moscow

It is home to the University of Idaho, Moscow is a vibrant college town, this town has rich culture and progressive atmosphere. actually it is know for its lively downtown area and outdoor festivals.

Best Places to Live in Idaho

6. Sandpoint

Located in northern Idaho, Sandpoint is situated on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille. and this place is known for its natural beauty like pristine lakes, lush forests, and majestic mountains. this town offers calm vibe which make you feel great.

7. Twin Falls

Twin Falls is famous for its iconic waterfall and unique geological formations. this city is growing and it is known for its diverse population and lots of entertainment activities. Twin Falls has an affordable cost of living and good school.

8. Pocatello

Pocatello is a friendly and affordable city located in southeastern Idaho. this city offers number of outdoor activities, like you can do hiking, fishing, and skiing over here. so if you are someone who want place where you can do outdoor activities then this place can be your choice.

9. Rexburg

Home to Brigham Young University-Idaho, Rexburg is a thriving college town with a youthful energy. this city offers safe environment, affordable housing and lots of recreational options.

10. McCall

McCall is a small mountain town that attracts outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year. It is known for its beautiful alpine lake, ski resorts, and extensive trail system.


Now i have told you Best Places to Live in Idaho hope you would like this post in this post i covered places from Boise to McCall and there are so many things which you can explore by visting their official site and get more detailed info even this blog post also can help you to understand all these places hope you would like this info if you have any question let me know in the comments i will take it as positive feedback.

Where is the most desirable place to live in Idaho?

The most desirable place to live in Idaho can vary greatly depending on individual preferences and priorities.

1. Boise
2. Coeur d’Alene
3. Sun Valley
4. Idaho Falls
5. Sandpoint
6. Twin Falls

What is the best county to live in Idaho?

The “best” county to live in Idaho. Idaho is known for its diverse landscapes.

1. Ada County (Boise)
2.Blaine County (Sun Valley)
3.Kootenai County (Coeur d’Alene)
4.Bannock County (Pocatello)
5.Teton County (Driggs)

Is Idaho a good place to live?

Idaho can be a good place to live for some people. It has beautiful nature with mountains, forests, and outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.The cost of living can be lower than in some other states.

Which town in Idaho has the best weather?

In Idaho, many people think that Boise has the best weather. It usually has mild winters with not too much snow, and the summers are warm but not too hot. Overall, Boise tends to have a pleasant climate that many find comfortable.

Is Idaho high cost of living?

No, Idaho generally has a lower cost of living compared to many other states in the United States. It’s often considered an affordable place to live. Average Cost of Living in Idaho: $39,741 per year.

Cheapest places to live in Idaho?

Top 10 Best Cheapest places to live in Idaho:

1.Pocatello: It’s a city in southeast Idaho with a low cost of living.
2.Idaho Falls: This city offers affordable housing and a good job market in fields like healthcare, technology, and agriculture.
3.Twin Falls: Known for its beautiful scenery, Twin Falls also has a lower cost of living compared to many other places in Idaho.
4.Caldwell: Located in the Treasure Valley, Caldwell has a lower cost of living than Boise, its neighbor.
5.Moscow: If you’re looking for an affordable place with an academic feel, Moscow is home to the University of Idaho.
6.Lewiston: Another budget-friendly option, Lewiston has a diverse job market and offers affordable housing options.
7.Mountain Home: This small town is known for its friendly community and low living costs.
8.Rexburg: It’s home to Brigham Young University-Idaho, so it’s a good option for students.
9.Burley: Located in south-central Idaho, Burley is an affordable place to live with a focus on agriculture.
10.Emmett: A smaller town with a lower cost of living, Emmett offers a more relaxed pace of life

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